UK HealthCare combats secondhand smoke; brochure details dangers, smoking etiquette

By Amelia Orwick

The University HealthCare Marketing Dept. has released a brochure in hopes of raising awareness of the dangers of secondhand smoke.

The brochure’s front features a picture of an infant with a cigarette in hand.

Dr. Ellen Hahn, director of the Kentucky Center for Smoke Free Policy, said UK HealthCare was not prompted to put out the brochure because of low compliance with the tobacco free policy.

“Overall, I think people are complying pretty well,” Hahn said. “We have about a five- time increase in the number of people who have reached out to tobacco treatment programs.”

The 13- page pamphlet, titled “Tips for Protecting Loved Ones from Secondhand Smoke,” details everything from how to talk to children about secondhand smoke to smoking etiquette for smokers and nonsmokers.

Although the brochure targets parents with young children, it says college students are not free from the dangers associated with smoking. UK HealthCare representatives hope that students will take advantage of this resource and find out how to protect themselves.

“There really is no risk- free level of either first or secondhand smoke,” Hahn said. “The interesting thing is that secondhand smoke is comprised of both mainstream and second- stream smoke.”

Many students who do not smoke are grateful that UK is taking the initiative to look out for their health.

“I appreciate that they’re trying to implement a tobacco free campus, but sometimes smoke can be hard to avoid. Its nice that the brochure can answer any questions,” junior Keith Whitfield said.

UK issued its campuswide tobacco ban on Nov. 19, 2009. Health Education coordinator Fadyia Lowe said in a Nov. 2010 Kernel article that enforcement of the ban needs improvement, but the ban has been great for UK.

For more information about the risks posed by secondhand smoke, visit