Letter to the Editor: Fact-check before abortion assertions

While reading “Abortion act limits women’s reproductive rights,” I was disappointed by the lack of hard facts in the article.

With an issue as controversial as abortion, fact-checking becomes critical and opinions must be carefully reasoned out and expressed.

This article had more than a few striking problems.

First, the columnist implies that current legislation will keep women from getting abortions in circumstances such as rape or health risk to the mother.

These assertions in the column are not only alarming, they are completely false.

After researching the two bills referred to in the column (H.R.3 and H.R. 217) myself, each makes specific exceptions for incest, rape and possible harm to the mother.

Before making inflammatory comments such as, “I see no respect in letting women die under the guise of ‘protecting life,’” one should read the bills at www.govtrack.us.

But even more shocking than this obvious manipulation of fact, the columnist excluded half of America’s population from the discussion.

In an editorial section, exactly where people exercise freedom of speech, Huddleston manages to devalue the entire male population’s opinions on abortion. She characterizes the writers of these bills as “men who . . . do not trust women to make their own choices. It is a clear attempt to . . . reduce women to the ‘life-bearing vessels’ these representatives view them as.’”

Whoa, whoa, whoa. If a man is against abortion, does that automatically mean that he views women as nothing but “life-bearing vessels?”

Is a woman allowed to be pro-life because she “understands the reproductive issues,” while pro-life men are marginalized as ignorant and ill-informed?

Even further, let’s look at who actually contributed to the writing of these bills.

Once again, let’s fact-check. Contributors to H.R. 27 include Rep. Sandy Adams, Rep. Diane Black, Rep. Anne Marie Buerkle and the list goes on and on. Check this extensive list yourself also on govtrack.us.

I love open discussions, especially about an issue as important as abortion, but before we continue let’s learn to check our facts.

And while we’re at it, let’s also realize that facts, even on abortion, don’t have to come just from the female population.

Emma Scott

Biology and Spanish junior