Tackling procrastination

by Kendall Smith

For many college students, procrastination is just as integral to the college experience as studying and going to class. The high level of stress that can accompany each semester’s schedule, especially around finals week, can make it difficult to avoid procrastinating.

Now, UK students will hear a vastly different and unique take on the subject. Jorge Cham, author of PhD Comics, will speak to students about procrastination, dispelling myths and discussing the sources of college students’ anxiety. Above all, he will discuss how procrastination can actually be a good thing.

“We wanted to bring an event that appeals to a population we have some difficulty reaching: graduate students,” Amanda Rambo, director of cultural arts for the Student Activities Board said. “They pay the activity fee, too, so we want to make sure to program plenty of events to their liking. Rest assured, though, this is an event for all students— undergrads and grads.”

The presentation will have a light-hearted atmosphere, as comedy plays a roll in Cham’s speech, but the point of the presentation remains serious.

“It’s definitely hilarious, but it’s not all fun and games,” Rambo said. “This event definitely has substance, and students are sure to walk away feeling more relaxed about some of their silly habits.”

Cham’s presentation is meant to appeal to college students of all ages and levels. This presentation aims to help convince students to calm down a little bit while remaining studious.

“In the pursuit of comfortable, successful lives, we all get a little stressed out at times,” Rambo said. “Jorge’s lecture helps us learn not to take ourselves so seriously. He also helps us understand that there are others out there experiencing the same struggles, and he does it all in a really funny way.”

Jorge Cham’s “Power of Procrastination” presentation will take place on Wednesday at 7 p.m. in Memorial Hall. All students are encouraged to attend and admission is free.