World Change Coalition introduces new projects

By Samantha Rothbauer

UK’s new student-run organization will be holding an information session toward the end of this semester about becoming a part of the World Change Coalition.

The WCC is a nonprofit organization composed of students that focuses on implementing service-oriented projects to help communities around the world.

Through these value-oriented projects it helps develop those students involved into global citizens.

“In essence, the main point behind the WCC is simple: Through our image, involvement and sponsorship we will give people a greater incentive to be good and care for the well-being of others,” Aleksey Graboviy, the WCC chief administrative officer and vice president of the UK chapter said.

“In the upcoming weeks until the end of the semester, the WCC will host several gatherings where students will be able to come, ask questions,and see that the WCC is all about,” Graboviy said.

The WCC has developed two national projects; the Pakistani Aid Project and the Culture Fair. The Pakistani Aid Project focuses on helping victims of the 2010 Pakistan floods while the Culture Fair informs and exposes students to different cultures of the world.

These national projects will be implemented at the start of next year and students will be able to use resources to materialize the best courses of action to take for each project.

Students should visit the WCC Facebook page for information about chances to get involved.

“Within the next few weeks, we will be everywhere on campus, so students should keep an eye out for us and not hesitate to provide us with their information,” Graboviy said.

For more information regarding the purpose and history of the WCC visit