Talent night showcases global flair

By Nicole Schladt

UK students from around the globe will celebrate diversity and culture at the annual International Talent Night Friday evening.

“It’s a platform for international students to showcase certain skills onstage,” Rutooj Deshpande, marketing head of the International Student Council, said.

There are typically 15 to 20 performances each year, according to Deshpande. This year there have already been 17 registrations. These registrations range from music and dance showcases to martial arts performances.

International Talent Night is a good way to get new international students more involved on campus, Deshpande said.

The event is hosted by the International Student Council and the Office of International Affairs. It is an important part of the larger Cultural Diversity Festival held at UK and is considered a Tally Cats event.

International Talent Night will be held in Memorial Hall from 7 to 9:30 p.m. Admission is $2 or a contribution of canned goods. Proceeds will be donated to Kentucky Refugee Ministries. There will also be small gifts raffled out to audience members throughout the night.

“We’re really looking forward to (International Talent Night),” Deshpande said. “People can share their traditional music and dances. They can represent their own cultures.”