Trivia night tests basketball knowledge



by Corey Hord

Students can take a break from midterms this week and test their knowledge of the NCAA tournament and the UK men’s basketball program in the Cat’s Den Tuesday at 7 p.m.

Which UK men’s basketball coach had the nickname “The Baron?”

Who won the NCAA Championship in 1948 and 1949?

If you answered, Adolph Rupp and UK respectively, then the trivia night may allow you and other basketball gurus to put away your brackets and compete for prizes.

“It’s a way for people to test their random sports facts and their NCAA tournament knowledge,” Hannah Sloan, the event coordinator for the Cat’s Den said. “We have certain gift cards available to students.”

“This is an opportunity for students to showcase their knowledge,” Jeremy Ridgeway, who is also an event coordinator, said.

Ridgeway said some students who aren’t involved in sports but love basketball will have the opportunity to “showcase their talents” through this event. As always, the Cat’s Den will have free popcorn.

Sloan welcomes students to a “laid back sports-themed atmosphere,” where they will assess their NCAA knowledge via PowerPoint.

“I’m going for the competition,” Joe Leavell, a kineseology and health promotion senior, said.

“I know a lot about the NCAA.”

“Not only will the NCAA Trivia Night be a great event to spend time with friends, but it’s going to be fun for all those competitive spirits out there,” Cece Simandl, a Cat’s Den coordinator who also plans to attend the event, said.

“We go to UK, we love our sports here and I think NCAA Trivia Night will help get everyone even more pumped for March Madness,” Simandl said.

The event is free and the trivia questions will cover knowledge from the first NCAA tournament in 1939 to the present, as well as some Wildcat trivia.