Faculty say study abroad has benefits: Programs assure safety for upcoming travels

By Hannah Ellis

It is now possible for UK students to earn six credit hours for the price of one.

It has become easier than ever for a student to study abroad and earn credits towards a specific major, according to Anthony Ogden, the director of Education Abroad.

Programs abroad are offered major by major, and the amount of scholarship and aid available to students wishing to study abroad is at an all time high.

“Each of the colleges has someone who is the representative on UK’s International Advisory Council, and that person should be able to give suggestions on programs that fit best with the curricula in that particular college,” Beth Barnes, the associate dean for Undergraduate and International Studies, said.

The faculty at UK have been impressing upon students the importance of studying abroad and the benefits that can be gained anywhere from a short two-week program to a full year abroad.

“Students who study abroad are more likely to graduate and graduate on time after studying abroad,” Summer Eglinski, an Education Abroad adviser, said.

In light of the overseas turmoil that exists in places such as Egypt and Japan, students’ safety has been assured, according to Ogden.

Ogden said students are provided with travel medical insurance and evacuation coverage, and UK will work closely with a partner university to ensure the student’s safety.

“We are going to help secure health, safety and security of our students,” Ogden said.

“In spite of the economy and safety issues, enrollment has increased from 589 UK students in the 2009-2010 school year to 700-plus in the 2010-2011 school year.”

Although the spots are few, there are still some available in select programs for the fall and summer terms.

“We no longer want students to ask ‘where do I want to go,’ but instead ask ‘what do I want to study,’” Ogden said. “If you are looking for the best possible education, studying abroad is the way to go.”