Students jam before finals



By Gary Hermann

Dead week is upon UK and finals are right around the corner, but the UK community took a chance to relax at the Cram Jam in Memorial Coliseum Wednesday night.

The event, which was scheduled to run from seven to 10 p.m., included corn hole, basketball, massages and tours of the Joe Craft Center.

Tickets for door prizes were given to students as they entered.

Nursing freshman Josh Miller enjoyed having the opportunity to relax at the Cram Jam after a long day of schoolwork.

“It was really good and really entertaining,” Miller said. “I just got out of a lab exam and it was good to take a break.”

T-shirts, food and drinks were given to the couple hundred students in attendance.

Biology and psychology sophomore Arthur Lemons and several of his friends danced to music played by the event’s DJ.

“I’m having a ball,” Lemons said. “This is a great time for everyone on campus.”

Students could be found both on the court and up in the stands taking in the relaxing atmosphere.

History freshman Bonnie Masarik liked the Joe Craft Center tour that allowed students to have a rare look inside the facilities that house UK men’s and women’s basketball teams.

The tours last about 30 minutes and allowed students to see many aspects of the center including the training room, weight room, lounges and practice gyms.

“I like how the people here are doing it all,” Masarik said. “I like being here with my friends.”