Letter to the Editor: A call for class



Yeah, basketball is kind of a big deal here.

If you didn’t know that before, you certainly do now.

After all, we’re in the Final Four for the first time since 1998, with a legitimate chance to win our eighth national championship.

The excitement is palpable – the Final Four is the focus of nearly every conversation, and school is the last thing on everyone’s mind. Professors are coming up with contingency plans for next week. Instead of waiting for Friday, the weekly countdown to the weekend is set for 8:49 p.m. Saturday.

A victory – and especially two – will result in the city erupting and the campus alighting with the fire of Kentucky basketball fanaticism.

Can we leave that as a metaphor, please?

The University of Kentucky is a proud school, known worldwide for our athletic tradition. Let’s not mar our reputation by furthering any stereotypes about college students in general. There are enough movies out there for that.

We’re adults here. Let’s act like it. We can have our fun without acting like fools.

This weekend many students are going to lose their inhibitions – but let’s not lose our class, too.

Stay classy, UK.

Let’s let our passions burn, instead of our couches.


Garrett Wymer

Journalism sophomore