Calhoun says Walker wasn’t contained by UK



Jim Calhoun, in talking about the upcoming national championship, fielded a few questions about the Final Four g

ame against UK. Here were his remarks:

On Liggins guarding Kemba Walker: “Yeah, I know John said they thought they did a great job on Kemba. He only had 18 (points) 7 (rebounds) 6 (assists), got loose balls, blocked shots. If that’s controlling, he’s far and away the best player in the country. He dominated the game when it had to be dominated. Down the stretch he made big shots. That’s frankly the telling time of a great player.”

“Frankly, we missed a lot of open shots last night. I know coaches never say that. I never think that’s why you lose, by the way, and we didn’t lose. We had open opportunities.”

On Liggins guarding Walker, again: “Did they do a good job on him? Yes, they did one of the better jobs of keeping him out of the middle of any team. If Liggins was responsible for that, he did a nice job with that.”

On limiting Brandon Knight to 6-for-23 shooting:”We were very happy with the job we did on Brandon (Knight) … We tried to hold him to someplace in the 30 (percent range).”