Cobb selected in second round by Green Bay Packers

When UK all-American wide receiver Randall Cobb was invited to attend the NFL Draft, members of the football team and fans throughout the Bluegrass were given a tremendous bode of confidence that their golden boy would be selected in the first round on the draft. Then Thursday night’s first round in New York’s Radio City Music Hall came and went, and Cobb never heard his name called from the green room.

While many were panicked, Cobb remained calm and optimistic about his draft prospects heading into Friday night’s second and third rounds. Cobb tweeted, “I know God is working so I smile… Even though I been here for a while… I smile! #faithalone.”

When Cobb and his close family and friends, including UK head football coach Joker Phillips, arrived back at the draft Friday night, they again sat and waited in the green room to hear Cobb’s name called. As the second round drew to a close, Cobb still had not been selected, and he and those close to him did not know how long they would have to wait if he fell to the third round.

That’s when the defending Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers went on the clock with the 64th overall pick, the final pick of the second round. The Packers selected Cobb with that pick and welcomed him to become the newest target on offensive for their Super Bowl MVP quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Upon being selected, Cobb was again active on Twitter, changing his photograph on the popular social networking website to a shot of him sporting a Packers cap on stage after being selected. He also tweeted, “Green and yellow green and yellow!!!!! Uh huh u know what it is!!!!!!” after the Packers selected him.

Cobb joins former UK punter Tim Masthay as a member of the world champion Packers, and Masthay was active on Twitter as well when he found out Cobb would be joining him in Green Bay. Masthay first tweeted “Randall!!! Congrats to him, im pumped!!” and then tweeted “@rcobb18 Congrats man, hopefully I’ll see you soon!”

Cobb’s selection with the 64th overall pick is the highest a UK football player has been selected in the NFL draft since Dewayne Robertson was taken in the first round of the 2003 draft by the New York Jets.