New logo for UK HealthCare

By Hope Smith

If your artistic abilities go beyond doodling stick figures and you would like to be the proud owner of a shiny, new iPad, UK HealthCare employees would like to invite you to help them out.

UK HealthCare will be holding a contest to see who can come up with the best logo for its new technology initiative — to combine all the files from every health care department into one massive, simplified system. The new project, entitled projectONE UK HealthCare, is a push toward a more unified, efficient system.

“This is a rolling project that will eventually integrate everything into one system,” Diana Sage, communication lead for projectONE UK HealthCare, said. “This will include X-rays, medications, doctors’ notes, everything … into one file for each individual that can be easily accessed.”

UK HealthCare employees submitted 64 ideas for a project name. The name projectONE UK HealthCare won the most votes, and a title was born.

“We wanted to involve the employees to get them excited about the project, because we need everyone to work together to make this work, from training to continuing support of the finalized system,” Sage said. “We need them to be engaged and excited.”

Now, it’s up to the students to submit their ideas for a logo for this new initiative. projectONE UK HealthCare will not only help employees, but student patients, as well, by cutting down on miscommunications and time loss during visits to any UK HealthCare facility. The project is slated to be complete within the next three years.

While there are no guidelines as to what students can create and submit, there is a tight time restriction — participants have only one week to submit their logos online. Also, only one submission can be accepted. Following that date, UK HealthCare employees will vote for their favorite logos online, and three finalists will be chosen.

Those three finalists will then present their own logos to the project’s executive sponsors, and one finalist will be chosen. The winner’s creation will be used as the official logo for the projectONE UK HealthCare initiative, and the grand prize is an Apple iPad.

“We don’t have any guidelines, we just want to see what you can create,” Sage said the team wanted to not only offer a hot prize, but also give students a chance to build their portfolios and gain experience in presenting their artistic ideas to a professional group. Opportunities like this, Sage said, can be hard to find.

Submissions can be easily uploaded electronically at

Finalists will be announced after voting is complete.