Off-campus housing site a tool for students: Page launched last year helps students find homes

By Lee Durstock

For some students, moving out of their dorm room can be too big of a fear to handle.

The UK Off-Campus Student Services housing website can be a step forward in shaking the fears of finding an off-campus residence. The website, launched in July 2010, is a tool available to any UK student. It features apartment communities and private housing listings that are displayed in an easy to use format.

The website is operated through a partnership with a company called Off Campus Partners.

“We have two main goals,” Trina Jones, the Off Campus Partners chief operating officer, said. “To simplify the off-campus housing process by creating a one-stop shop for students, parents and faculty or staff to find off campus housing, roommates and education. Also to educate students about living off campus; what to consider before you sign a lease, how to be good neighbors in the community and who to contact if you have issues.”

Off Campus Partners operates these types of programs all across the country for more than 50 different universities.

“I think the website is great,” Jennifer Mickey, the general manager at Newtown Crossing apartments, said.

“It’s something that students have needed for a long time because there isn’t just one place where you can go to find that kind of thing.”

Off-Campus Student Services reaches out to different landlords and apartment communities by offering a subscription service to list their properties on the website.

“We have been really pleased that most of the major apartment communities and property management companies have embraced the program,” Jones said. “As we enter our second year, we are eager to get more private owners on board.”

The website can also be used to find roommates, sublets, furniture and even property that is up for sale.

“Last minute searchers should not worry,” Jones said. “Now is a great time for students to use the site to find last-minute housing, post or find sublets and fill any roommate openings.”

Register for a free account at

“The most important thing to know about the site is to use it and tell your friends,” Jones said. “The more that students search and post items on the site, the more helpful it becomes to everyone.”