Comparing Combine height/weight to UK Athletics height/weight

With the NBA Combine underway, the only mandatory part is the physical, which takes various height/weight measurements. All four NBA Draft entrees have now been measured, either at the NBA or New Jersey Combine. I wanted to see how the given heights/weights of players on UK Athletics (taken at the beginning of the year) compared to the measured heights/weights in the NBA Combine (as reported by ESPN’s Chad Ford). Not because I don’t trust them, but simply because I was curious and it’s relatively typical to hear about either teams giving their players an inch or two or the players taking matters into their own hands (or would it be their own feet?) and putting lifts in their shoes.

Anyway, here’s how it turned out. A quick note: A positive differential means the NBA measurement was higher, and a negative one means the UK Athletics measurement was higher.


Player NBA height w/o shoes NBA height w/ shoes UK Athletics height Differential
Brandon Knight 6’-1.5” 6-3.25 6-3 +0.25
DeAndre Liggins 6-5 6-6.25** 6-6 +0.25
Enes Kanter 6-9.75 6-11.25 6-11 +0.25
Josh Harrellson* 6-8.5 6-9.5 6-10 -0.5

*Measurements taken at the New Jersey combine, as reported by The Hoops Report.

** Liggins’ measurements at the New Jersey combine were 6-5, 6-6.5 and 210 (the only difference was .25 inches in height with shoes)


Player NBA weight UK Athletics weight Differential
Brandon Knight 177 185 -8
DeAndre Liggins 202 210 -8
Enes Kanter 259 262 -3
Josh Harrellson 279 275 +4

So UK Athletics, which only gives whole numbers for height, gave measurements that were not rounded up (which my third-grade teacher would be proud of, since it’s not halfway there). Only Harrellson was listed as being taller than he measured. As far as weight goes, three of the four players were listed as heavier on UK Athletics, whereas Harrellson is four pounds heavier than his UK Athletics weight.