Random notes in Calipari’s contract

Random notes about Calipari’s contract:

  • He gets 20 free “prime, lower-level” tickets for home, away and postseason basketball games, with the opportunity to purchase an additional 20. He also gets eight free tickets for home football games.
  • Calipari gets 20 days of paid vacation per year. I have no idea if he uses them all.
  • Calipari receives a membership to a local golf and country club of his choice. UK pays the membership fees. I have no idea what his handicap is, or whether he even golfs. And if he doesn’t golf, why was that in there? Do all coaches just need a golf membership in case they have that one day they need to get away? (UPDATE: A 2009 LHL article says Calipari is a member at Lexington Country Club, with an initiation fee of $30,000 and a monthly fee of $516.)
  • If UK decides to terminate the contract with cause, UK does not pay Calipari any benefits or payments that come after the date of termination. If UK terminates the contract without cause, Calipari will receive $3 million a year (unless he gets a new job, in which the miminum guaranteed salary is subtracted from the $3 million and UK pays the remainder).
  • “Cause” does not include minor or secondary violations, only “major” violations.
  • Josh Pastner was the witness to the signing of the original contract. Pastner was ready to become an assistant at UK until Memphis made him an offer to be its basketball coach.