Cousins earns technical and Wall does not, but both play well

Some notes:

— DeMarcus Cousins, after being called for a travel, threw the ball out of the gym and got a technical foul. In a summer game. A Washington, D.C. street-ball summer game. He did have 29 points. He’s a productive and talented head-case even in summer games. John Wall, conversely, scored 41 points and did not receive a technical foul. Read about both here.

UPDATE: SI’s Zach Lowe has a good read on how Cousins is reinforcing the perception of himself as a too-immature talent.

— John Clay and KSR found some good videos of John Wall and Anthony Davis over the weekend, but if you haven’t seen them, here they are.

John Wall

Anthony Davis

–Shabazz Muhammed is now the No. 1 prospect in 2012 for both Rivals and Scout. If you want to get really ahead of yourself, though, I just did a video on the 6-foot-8 No. 1 prospect from the Class of 2016.