Anthony Davis talks summer pickup games on

Another lengthy, exclusive profile of a freshman ran today, this one about Anthony Davis. Most of it is a rehash of what we knew — the man grew and grew until he was the best high school player in the nation — but near the end, the story turned to the summer pickup games. A couple interesting notes from that aspect, excerpted here:

Davis said they have largely played with the same teams in pickup basketball this summer and that he is on the squad that most often wins.

“It’s always me, Terrence Jones, Stacey Poole, Jarrod Polson and Twany Beckham,” Davis said. “We’re always on the same team for some odd reason. They picked the teams early and we always win so the other team always tries to beat us. We’re going to start changing it up to see who plays with who. …

“Our first pickup game, it was weird. When the other team scored, I actually came up to get the ball to bring it up. (Marquis) Teague was looking at me like ‘I got it,’ and I was like ‘Oh yeah, I forgot I don’t have to bring the ball up anymore.’ ”

You can read the full story here.