Watch UK targets in Peach Jam finals

A couple names on the UK target list are playing in the Peach Jam finals Friday night. The finals will be televised on ESPNU at 7 p.m. Eastern time. (Update: The game is no longer listed as an option at The girls’ U-17 championship is, though.)

Memphis YOMCA is led by Jarnell Stokes, a Class of 2012 target who just transferred to Oak Hill Academy. The reason for his transfer: “If you are the best player on your playground, then you need to find another playground,” Stokes wrote in a blog post. “I’m passing up being the so called ‘King of Memphis’ in my home town, I’m passing up shot attempts, I’m passing up girls and just basically being a rock star and having it made in Memphis.”

While UK was later than the other teams in the top six — which included Memphis, Arkansas, UCONN and Florida — in making contact with him, Stokes still listed UK as a school he wanted to look at harder.

“I haven’t really talked to UK a lot,” Stokes wrote. “However, if that opens up, I will consider them a lot stronger because the way they produce NBA players and prepare guys is just amazing. I know that Coach Cal can get it done because I grew up a Memphis Tiger fan when he was the coach and that definitely has a lot to do with my interest in them.”

The Boston Amateur Basketball Club is led by Nerlens Noel, a Class of 2013 big man who has been highly touted for his shot blocking ability. UK called him the first day contact with Class of 2013 prospects was allowed. He posted a triple-double in the Peach Jam semifinals.

Some other talented names to watch: Shaq Goodwin of the Memphis team has had a monster tournament, consistently leading the team in points (including a 29-point game in the semifinals). Martavious Newby, also on the Memphis team, is less heralded than many of the other names on the team but has had an impressive tournament so far.

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