UK to ‘rock steady’ at reggae festival



By Taylor Riley

Picture yourself walking to class when someone stops you and asks you to point out Jamaica on a world map.

Not many students would be able to locate the small island.

Everyone may not know where Jamaica is located on a map, but many affiliate the country with Reggae music.

The Student Activities Board will host  the Wildcat Rhythm Reggae Festival Thursday to entertain and educate students about the colorful culture of Jamaica.

“We haven’t had an event like this to enjoy,” said Ali Sehon, director of multicultural affairs for SAB. “This event will be opening up some doors musically, but it will also be here for others to enjoy music they already love.”

Students and faculty can escape the rainy weather predicted this week to enjoy a summer-like atmosphere indoors.

Sehon said festival-goers will be able to sample authentic Jamaican and Caribbean food from UK catering.

A “rock steady” band, Seefari, will play a live concert, Sehon said.

Attendees also can learn Jamaican dance steps from a certified instructor, and make crafts with beads and sand to share their creativity with others.

“This is a great opportunity for students to come out and learn more about reggae and hear some great music,” said Emelia Dunston, adviser to multicultural affairs for SAB.

Student representatives from Education Abroad and Student Involvement will also have booths set up for students to learn how to get more involved on campus, Dunston said.

The Wildcat Rhythm Reggae Festival will be Thursday from 5 to 7 p.m. in the Student Center Harris Grand Ballroom. Admission is free.