KEG: Alternative tailgating locations

By: Becca Clemons

Tailgating isn’t just for ticket-holders. Even if you’re not going to the big game, you can still get a full tailgating experience — without setting up in Commonwealth Stadium’s parking lot.

Every sports bar and restaurant in Lexington will broadcast the UK game (if it’s on TV). This can range from places like Hugh Jass Burgers on South Limestone to Buffalo Wild Wings on South Broadway.

Grab a table with some friends, order a pitcher of beer (or Coke, if you’re not of age) and focus your attention on the big screen. Dave Fuller, owner of Charlie Brown’s Restaurant on Euclid Avenue, said his bar gets a bigger tailgating crowd each year.

At a sports bar or restaurant, “you have a TV, there’s air conditioning and heat, no rain, a roof over your head, more selection of food and beverage, and good service,” Fuller said.

He said there are pluses and minuses for every game-watching locale and it depends on a fan’s preference, whether you prefer to be in the middle of the crowd at Commonwealth or not. And if you pick a location within walking distance of your house, dorm or apartment, you won’t even need a designated driver.

If you don’t feel like going out, find the friend with the biggest couch or most comfortable (but still clean) man-cave, and settle in for the game.

You can even toss the pigskin around outside before kickoff or during halftime. Don’t forget to bring some snacks or order pizza — you don’t want to be the one who has to run to the store after the first quarter because everyone else forgot about lunch or dinner.

Of course, the parking lot tailgate spot is still an option. If you’ve got tickets and have mastered the new general admission seating at Commonwealth, then by all means, go cheer where the team can hear you. Plus, if you’re there when your team pulls the upset of the season, you’ve got major bragging rights over those that opted to watch elsewhere. Just be sure to come prepared — with foldable chairs, snacks and ample time in getting to the stadium so you can get a good parking spot.

No spot is necessarily better than another when it comes to tailgating; it’s all about preference. If you’ve got a TV, you’re good to go.