Local organizations team up to recognize ‘National Coming Out Day’

By Corey Elam

National Coming Out Day is Oct. 11 and this week will be one of the busiest of the year for Lexington’s LGBT community, which is among the largest groups of its category in the nation.

Local groups are teaming up to host their second annual Coming Out activities, taking place Thursday on the Student Center lawn.

“Basically, if you’re supportive of our community or are new to campus and would like to become involved or supportive of us, it’s a great event to come out to,” Laura Evers, co-president of the UK Gay-Straight Alliance, said.

The main feature of the event is a giant door, through which both open and closed members of the LGBT community can literally and figuratively “come out.”

Also included will be free food, courtesy of UK catering, face painting, and information tables with representatives of various local LGBT membership and support organizations. These include the university’s OUTsource and OUTLaw programs, as well as the Lexington Gay and Lesbian Services Organization and the AIDS Volunteers of Lexington.

“It’s pretty last minute, but we’re asking as many groups to come as possible,” Evers said.

However, their faith in the organizations attendance is well placed. The Gay and Lesbian Services Organization’s mission is to stay “dedicated to serving the GLBTQQA community with support and all services free of charge to all,” according to the group’s brochure.

Though they didn’t count the number of people last year, Evers said “it was a pretty decent crowd.”

The LGBT groups both a part of the university and throughout Lexington hope to improve this year by getting more people to come to this event and spreading awareness about the groups.

To get in touch with GSA or any other student organization, visit uky.edu/GetInvolved.