System crash causes frustration for registering students



There I was, sitting at my computer during my shift in the Underground Fitness Center at 11:59, mouse hovering over the word ‘Registration,’ ready to click.  Call me a dork, but I’ve learned through trial and error that registration day at UK is one of the few days you have to be on your game.

As the large clock on the wall ticked ever so loudly and slowly, a multitude of thoughts passed through my eager head.  I pondered the plethora of other faces, just like mine, simultaneously staring at the screen, each hoping that this will be the semester — this will be the semester where they get the teacher they want. They will be challenged and they will learn and they will excel.  Yes, so many other hands gingerly gripping the mouse, just like mine, anxiously awaiting those last seconds to tick down.

Boom.  My eyes flew back to the screen.  Good, the computer hadn’t crashed.  Boom. Already another second?  My, that was a quick one.  Boom. I wonder what I’m going to have for lunch? Boom. Wow that guy’s a beast. Boom. Oh wait, its been 12:00 for like two seconds now.

My fingers automatically react to the briefly panicked neurons slashing through my brain.  “Click.”  I wait.  And I wait.  And I wait.

The clock on the computer changes to 12:01.  Hmm. I ponder, this is taking rather long to load.  No worries, I tell myself, there’s clearly more people on the network right now than usual.

Another minute passes.  Then another.  Then another.  It’s 12:04 and I’m still staring at an unloaded page.  My eyes narrow.  My pulse quickens.  My body tenses.

Its 12:11 now and I slam my fist against the desk.  “Those pesky honors kids have probably all registered by now!”  I silently scream.  “They’re all smiling and happy and going on with their days, knowing that spring will be their best semester yet!”

As for me, it’s 12:25 and my limp body lies sweaty and cold under the pale light, completely decimated and utterly defeated.

By this time I’ve hit the refresh button approximately 13,000 times to no avail.  My brain turns on its desperation mode. ‘Get out of here!’ it screams. I comply.

“I’ve got to go register!” I plead with my boss. “Can I come back in 10 minutes?”

Thankfully, she consented, and I dashed over to Willy T to see if my luck would fare better there.

Luckily, it did, and somehow I still managed to sign up for many of my top choices.  I returned to work both overjoyed and exhausted. This had definitely been the hardest I’ve ever worked to register for classes.

For many students, however, their tale did not end quite so happily. I later received an email from the Honors senior academic coordinator asking students to be patient; she had more than 100 emails from those who were not able to register successfully.  Apparently the system had indeed crashed, leaving many unhappy students in its wake.

And so I ask the governing forces of UK’s registration system, why?  It was no secret that registration was to begin for many students yesterday.  It was no secret that the system was going to be at full capacity around noon.  It’s happened many years before.

So how were we not prepared for it? Many prepared and tuition-paying students are now out of luck simply because they chose the wrong place on campus to register for classes.

But what’s done is done, and there’s no reconciling this misfortunate incident.  The only thing to do is to be better prepared next time around, so sprinting and sweating can be replaced by a simple “click.”

Brian Hancock is an Enlgish junior and the Kernel’s assistant opinions editor. Email [email protected].