Top free apps to pass the time

By Kayla Pickrell

For those with tight budgets from Christmas and plenty of time to procrastinate, here are ways to cheaply pass the time.

Pick up your phone and download these free apps:

1. Words with Friends

Not only are you putting your knowledge to good use in a game of scrabble, but you get to bask in the victory of knowing more than your opponent.

2. Temple Run

You will honestly play this game forever. You run from monkeys and collect coins while jumping over broken bridges and dodging fire. Don’t play this game unless you have the time.

3. Pocket Frogs

It is the cutest game ever. You breed frogs and send frogs to friends. To keep them happy, you have to send them to the pond and jump lily pads to feed them dragonflies. You unlock achievements and decorate their habitats.

4. Tiny Tower

You are in charge of literally a “Tiny Tower.” You get to assign people dream jobs, buy floors, rename them and decorate them. You’ll have surprise visits from ninjas and vampires.

5. Talking Tom

What better way to annoy your roommate and laugh in the process. The talking tom will mock everything said in a squeaky voice that you could only assume a cat would have if it could talk. There are variations of this game, such as “Talking Dinosaur,” but this is the only one that will keep you laughing.

6. Glass Pong

This fun game is a virtual game of pong. What more do you need to know?

7. Doodle Sprint

Run, jump, but make sure you don’t fall. You are a little doodle man that runs and jumps over large crevices and thistle bushes. The catch is that the farther you get, the faster you run.

8. Bejeweled Blitz

The classic game of Bejeweled is now a free app. You will be playing it forever because you are determined to beat an unbeatable game.

9. Jetpack Joyride

A mission-based game where you ride on a jetpack and collect coins. The fun part is the ability to buy different items to both fly in and use.

10. Action Movie FX

I know this isn’t a game, but it is pretty cool. You get to take the movies you make on your iPhone.