Gaming: ‘Mass Effect 3’ could be bad or good

By Kayla Pickrell

“Mass Effect 3” may be the best or the worst game of 2012. Here’s why.

What might go bad:

1. “Mass Effect 2” was not as good in comparison to the first installment in the series.

Yes, it allowed players to become adjusted to the storyline with a comic book-type introduction (only for Play Station 3) of the original “Mass Effect,” but the storyline didn’t improve very much for any console (similar to any trilogy).

There were also glitches in the software.

2. RPS? “Mass Effect” has always been strictly RPG. Why change it to RPS (role-playing shooter) when RPG (role-playing game) has never let you down?

It already has enough combat in it, don’t change it to more combat. It will just get old to those who are used to “Mass Effect.”

It isn’t something that has been completely released, but all BioWare can talk about is RPS. Not once has there been talk of RPG.

3. Apparently the game is going to be a good start for first-time players of “Mass Effect.”

That is definitely something to worry about.

Does that make it easier for “Mass Effect” junkies to play? If so, then it is definitely not going to be what everyone has been raving about.

What might be good:

1. Multiplayer. This could go both directions. Either you hate multiplayer (especially on something like “ME”), or you absolutely adore multiplayer (like me) and jump at the chance of using it.

Multiplayer, personally, allows you to play the game differently than if you were playing by yourself.

Either way, games are meant to be played with more than one person.

2. Graphics changed drastically from the original “Mass Effect” to the second one.

If this is supposed to a step forward, graphics should be amazing.

From what is seen from the previews, it should turn out amazing.

3. Gameplay was better in “Mass Effect 2,” even though the storyline was worse.

Same with graphics — if they are progressing, then so will gameplay in essence.

The “Mass Effect 3” release date is March 6.