Sophomores in the spotlight

By Mary Ellen Wimberly

Amidst programs for freshman, graduation for seniors, and scholarship opportunities abound for juniors, the sophomore class is often looked over.

UK’s Division of Student Affairs is seeking to change that.

The first ever Sophomore Leadership Fair will take place Thursday in the Student Center Small Ballroom from 12:00-3:00 p.m.

Sophomores are encouraged to attend, take advantage of free refreshments and learn more about involvement opportunities at UK.

“New initiatives such as the Sophomore Leadership Fair provide opportunities for students to focus now on their professional career development,” Rhonda Strouse, director of student involvement, said. “The sophomore year is the ideal time to build a portfolio.”

Involvement is a key ingredient to success in advanced degree programs, jobs, acceptance into special programs and scholarship awards, Strouse said.

This leadership fair also hopes to eliminate some of the difficulties that students may face in their transition from their first to second year.

Becky Jordan, associate dean of students, pointed out that many services are available for first-year students, but few of these programs and services continue into students’ second year.

“We want to enhance the support we provide sophomores, and the Sophomore Leadership Fair is one example of how we can further engage second-year students with the university,” Jordan said.

Many major student organizations will be in attendance at the event, in the hopes that sophomores will be able to learn more about these groups, fill out applications and ultimately become more involved on campus.

Strouse said the time could not be better.

“Now is the time to invest in the multiple involvement opportunities provided by the University of Kentucky,” she said.