Booths help students start classes off right

By Kayla Pickrell

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Super Start, an event sponsored by Student Affairs, aided new students during the first day of classes by providing maps, bus schedules, water and technology tips.

Three spots on campus — on Rose Street in front of W.T. Young Library, in front of White Hall Classroom Building and at the Student Center — have Super Start booths set up for the first two days of classes.

The booths are open Thursday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

“The most asked questions at the booths are about building locations,” Todd Cox, assistant director of student affairs, said. “It’s mostly questions about the Thomas Poe Cooper Forestry Building or the Thomas Hunt Morgan Biological Sciences Building.

“When you have buildings that were named after someone like a large donor, sometimes they’re a bit harder for somebody to find.”

A transfer student, Grayson Woods, consulted the Super Start booths for directions.

“The biggest challenge is finding my classes,” Woods, a chemical engineering junior, said. “I’ve just been looking around until I find it.”

Dean of Students Victor Hazard noticed this year students are planning ahead for the first day.

“A lot of them have been with their K Crews, so they’ve been able to get a sense of where their first classes are,” he said. “A lot of the students are coming up asking where tomorrow’s classes are.”

K Team Leader Katie Robertson noticed more students on campus this year but didn’t notice as many wary about where classes were.

“They were really confused when I first had them with me on my team,” Robertson, an agricultural biotechnology junior, said, “but by now they are all pretty ‘with it.’ ”

Others on campus found it hard to get around as well.

“We’ve even had faculty members stop by Super Start and ask some questions,” Cox said.