The Hub to feature Common Grounds food at Lexington Library

By Amelia Orwick

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The Hub, featuring food from Common Grounds Coffeehouse, is now open at the Lexington Public Library’s Central location.

At the beginning of the summer, the Central Library began looking for an eatery to fill the space that was previously filled by Good Foods Cooperative.

“We sent in our response, crossed our fingers and waited. We got the good news that we’d been chosen around early July,” said Lori McCreary, owner of Common Grounds and The Hub.

Inspiration for the café came from the original Hub, located in Danville, Ky. near Centre College.

The current menu includes the most popular items from the Danville location, although McCreary said that it can be adjusted to better suit the citizens of Lexington if need be.

“They’re going to see what’s popular and then tailor it,” said Doug Tattershall, media relations coordinator for the library. “It won’t be exactly like Common Grounds or The Hub in Danville.”

In addition to coffee, the menu features salads, sandwiches and desserts, among other snacks.

To the liking of many library patrons, breakfast will be served all day.

The Hub is set up on the first floor of the library where the preceding eatery was located, with seating in the rotunda area.

“We were basically just replacing an existing space,” Tattershall said. “We were already physically ready for it.”

Though to improve the dining experience, seating was added to the second floor area, which provides what McCreary calls a “beautiful” view of Main Street.

Common Grounds opened on East High Street in 1992, making it the first official coffee house in Lexington.

Because of its close proximity to campus, Common Grounds has transformed into more than a coffee shop, but also a study space for students.

Those involved with the project believe that Common Grounds will maintain its popular status with students, while The Hub will draw more people from the outside community.

“We believe this will allow us to serve more people in the community and won’t take away from Common Grounds,” McCreary said.

Tattershall said he expects the success that the library has had with food service in the past to continue.

On top of food and drinks, Central Library also offers a variety of books, theater events and storytelling.

“We hope people come down and try out our great coffee, fresh food and also enjoy all of the great amenities the library offers,” McCreary said.

The Hub is open 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

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