Political apps to use for elections

By Daniel Pauley

[email protected]

Here is a list of political- and election-based apps available for Android and iOS:

1. Comedy Central’s Indecision Game

The game app pits Democrat, Republican and Independent parties in a battle of wits with political trivia. Players win voters for correct answers and aim to gain the most voters for their party.

2. Ad Hawk

The “Shazam” of political apps. This app listens to political ads on television and lets the user who is behind the backing and sponsoring of the ad. It is available for both Android and iOS.

3. NBC Politics

Get the latest campaign information. The app contains photos, news and analysis on campaigns leading up to the election. After polling on election night, the app will keep up to date on who’s winning.

4. PollTracker

Created by Talking Point Memo. The app displays polls from a variety of sources. Not only does it cover the state-by-state presidential race, but it also gives polling congressional and local contests as well.

5. Settle It!

A trivia game app. It checks information on www.politifact.com. It checks information on political ads and test peoples knowledge on the campaign.

6. Parity Politics

This app delivers real time, non-biased updates averaged from various political outlets including Gallup and Rasmussen Reports.

7. Dollarocracy

From the Center for Responsive Politics. This app is a campaign finance watchdog allowing users to investigate the money in politics. It compiles lists of top donors, industries and locations giving money to politicians, interest groups and political races.

8. Congress+

This app contains extensive information about representatives in Congress, including each member’s contact info, legislative activity, mini-biography and prospects for re-election.

9. OpenStates

This app allows user to track any and all action going on in state legislatures. Find any state and follow particular bills, legislators or issues.

10. Obama for America

The Obama campaign’s app. It maps out registered Democrats near your address, when and where the nearest Obama-related events will take place and lets users sign up to donate or volunteer for the campaign.

11. POLITICO Playbook

This app features news stories from throughout the day relating to politics and the upcoming election. Referred to as “the ultimate insider’s guide for political outsiders.”

12. Stitcher Election Center

This app allows users to listen to podcasts and local radio stations. For the election season, they have created a new section called “Election Center.” You can follow news on your favorite candidates from popular news sources like Fox News and C-SPAN.

13. NYTimes Election 2012

From the New York Times Company. Follow daily political stories with handpicked, up-to-the-moment coverage from the New York Times and around the web. Also, get the latest polling numbers, state-by-state projections, candidate bios and election results.

14. Presidential Election Race 2012

This app has a unique electoral vote scoreboard and monitors state-by-state poll results as they come in while giving alerts to new polls and latest election news.