Letter to the editor: UK Students for Life talk election

One day after class I grabbed Ovids with a friend and we started talking about the issue of abortion. She is very pro-choice. So I asked her “If a child survives an abortion and all it needs is oxygen to survive, would you be in favor of that?” She of course, and said she would support that.

What I then told her was that President Obama had voted against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act when he was state senator; which would have helped that baby survive. What was suprising was not that he voted in a pro-choice way. What was suprising was that everyone from Ted Kennedy to Rick Santorum was in favor of the federal bill, yet Obama still voted against it in Illinois.

In defense of this, Obama said the bill would “undermine Roe vs. Wade,” which is untrue because the counterpart signed by President Bush in 2002 was identical.

As the president of UK Students for Life, this alone is enough reason for me to never vote for Obama. Despite this election’s outcome, no president who lacks respect for human life will get my vote or be considered my president.

In the last election, I was not old enough to vote but in this election you can bet President Obama will not be recieving my vote.

Since UK Students for Life is not politically affiliated, we do not as a group support one candidate, but as a group we can clearly say who we are against on this issue.