Royal family lovers gaga over baby announcement



By Amanda Powell

[email protected]

On Monday it was revealed that Kate Middleton will have her first child.

The news came from Buckingham Palace after Middleton was driven to the hospital for hyperemesis gravidarum.

“The duchess was admitted to King Edward VII Hospital today in central London with hyperemesis gravidarum, an acute morning sickness which requires supplementary hydration and nutrients,” said Christina Ng and Carolyn Durand for ABC News.

According to Mark Saunders for CNN, it’s not known whether or not the queen was aware of the pregnancy before the palace made the announcement, but Middleton’s parents knew because she had also gotten sick while visiting her family in Berkshire.

Royal family lovers everywhere went nuts and responded to the message via Twitter in both funny and congratulatory ways.

Chris Colfer, better known as Kurt Hummel from Glee, tweeted, “There’s a #RoyalBaby on the way!!! Which means Santa got my list! Expect an 8th Harry Potter book and Disneyland condos to follow.”

United Kingdom Prime Minister David Cameron tweeted, “I’m delighted by the news that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting a baby. They will make wonderful parents.”

Rumors had, of course, been circulating before the announcement. Middleton refused peanut butter at an event earlier this year, and “British physicians are known to warn women against eating peanuts during pregnancy,” Ng and Durand said.

The baby will also be in line for the throne.

Ng and Durand said, “Last year, the heads of 16 Commonwealth countries agreed to a change in the rules of succession so that first-born children of either gender can take the throne. Queen Elizabeth II was only eligible to be monarch because her father had no male children.

The British Parliament must still amend existing law to make the succession change official.”

Now that the secret’s out, the name guessing has already begun. But that’s not the best of it.

An article by Yahoo, “How Will and Kate’s Baby Might Look,” morphed images to see what their children may look like.