Gold Star Chili closes: chili restaurant near Newtown Crossing failed to maintain sales

By Cameron Griffin| @kykernel

[email protected]

Gold Star Chili reestaurant located at Newtown Crossing closed Saturday, Feb. 16, after being open sixteen months.

The restaurant was intended to give UK students a chance to enjoy Gold Star Chili closer to campus without having to drive farther.

“I thought it was a good opportunity,” owner Steve Taylor said. “Anytime I wanted to enjoy Cincinnati chili I had to go all the way to Hamburg.”

Although Taylor said customers had been responding well to business, it did not stay consistent.

“Sales have been disappointing for months and we anticipated the volume levels to be much higher,” Taylor said.

Students are upset to hear about the recent closing of the restaurant.

“I like meeting friends there to eat some filling chili. Also, the late night hours were really handy whenever you would need a nice meal after studying at Willy T.” communications sophomore Banks Mattingly said. “Gold Star is a must in Lexington and it is sad to see it go.”

Gold Star officially opened on Aug. 9, 2011. The restaurant replaced Blue Line Diner located in the parking lot of Newtown Crossing Apartments.

“Sales have just been flat in the recent months and I am tired of putting money into it,” Taylor said.