Palli wins 76 percent of votes to be elected SG president



By Judah Taylor | @KyKernel

[email protected]

Roshan Palli was all smiles as he gave students his best Tiger Woods fist pump upon winning the Student Government presidential election.

Palli, who won with 76 percent of the votes and, as a sophomore, is among the youngest presidential candidates to be elected at UK, said that he felt overwhelmed — so much so that he had a little trouble focusing.

“I can’t think right now,” Palli said with a large grin. “I’m on a high. … I feel great.”

However, Palli did say that he had ideas for his term, which will begin prior to the 2013-14 academic year.

“We want to hit the ground running,” he said.

“So right now it’s just getting everything in place and getting our applications out for executive positions … so we can get a great team on board.”

The only position being filled ahead of time is chief of staff.

Eli Edwards, who is 4-0 in SG campaigns, will fill that role.

Edwards said that he couldn’t wait to get started and move UK forward.

“It is a great time to be a Wildcat,” he said. “Anyone can see that Palli really does bleed blue … and he is someone that everyone can look up to. We’re going to have a great year.”

Current SG President Stephen Bilas shared Edwards’ feelings, saying that he was happy with the results and believed that UK is going to be in “good hands.”

“They have a great partnership,” Bilas said of Palli and the vice president-elect, Jake Ingram. “They don’t agree on everything, so they will butt heads. But they will do so constructively, which is the best way for work to get done.”

“They’ve already done a lot of great work, and I think they will continue to do that,” Bilas added.

Palli’s and Ingram’s opponents were Scotty Stutts and Ryan Mosley. Mosley said he was disappointed but wished them well.

“We raised a lot of issues,” Mosley said. “I think those issues need to be addressed. So I hope our opponents do address them.”

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