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Going 15 Rounds with Jerry Izenberg“Going 15 Rounds with Jerry Izenberg”

by Ed Odeven

Prominent sports journalist Robert Lipsyte says Jerry Izenberg is “the last wise man standing in a chaotic sports world, and this delicious trove of great stories is a welcome celebration of his work and times.”

Jerry Izenberg’s career as a newspaper reporter and columnist spans generations. He has written about championship teams and Olympic greats, baseball and football superstars, and boxing legends, including his friendship with Muhammad Ali. Along the way, he became one of the best American sports columnists.

This book highlights Izenberg’s career and some of his favorite stories regarding the sports icons of his times. A must-read about one of the great storytellers for anyone with a love of sports, sports media and the world around us. Purchase at

The Boy Who Took Marilyn to the Prom“The Boy Who Took Marilyn to the Prom”

by Henry Massie

In 1961, a year before her death, Marilyn Monroe’s last psychiatrist invited her into his family in a desperate attempt to save her by giving her a family she never had. The doctor suggests that his son take the actress to his senior prom, an experience Marilyn had missed because she had never finished school. That night haunted the boy until 2007, when, as a psychiatrist himself, he takes on a patient who reminds him of Marilyn.

“Intrepid, vivid, thoughtful. It takes us inside the psychotherapy office, face to face with the dangers psychiatrists and their patients run of becoming slaves to their feelings for each other,” says Bridget Connelly, prizewinning author of “Forgetting Ireland.” Midwest Review calls it “a thought-provoking reflection on the dark side of glamour and the hidden recesses of the psyche.” Purchase at

2022 Mystical Moon Journal“2022 Mystical Moon Journal”

by Merrill Black, LCSW and Leslie Lee

Just like the ocean tides ebb and flow by the power of the moon, so can we flow and transform emotionally, physically and spiritually, when tuned into the movements of the moon. This journal guides you through the new and full moons of 2022. Each month, the new and full moon energies are explored through ritual, visualization and reflective journal prompts.

Learn to: focus your intention to manifest your desires; strengthen your intuition through visualization, mudras and movement exercises; explore crystals, herbs and aromatherapy for each new and full moon; connect with your higher self with journal prompts, oracle cards and self-reflection; and flow with lunar energy to support emotional healing and expansion. Purchase at

Elite Productivity“Elite Productivity”

by BAB Group

Everyone wants to be productive, but boosting productivity doesn’t happen by itself. This book offers 29 steps to reach your peak performance in life. The authors present basic concepts and put them together in easy steps to follow and track in a journal that they recommend readers keep.

The 29 steps can be on subjects as common as eating, sleeping, staying healthy, creating the right physical living and work environments, and keeping technology in its proper place. But the authors also offer discourses on tuning out distractions, learning how and when to say no, staying focused and not trying to achieve things all at once. Learn more at

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