Joel McHale packs insults in performance at Singletary Center



By Nini Edwards | @KyKernel

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Joel McHale rocked a crowd of about 1,200 people in the Singletary Center on Thursday night.

McHale started his show by cursing at the audience for not watching his show “Community,” which was playing at the same time as his comedy show.

McHale joked that Ryan Seacrest, receiver of the first celebrity bash, was hiding under the audience’s chairs due to his small stature, which was compared to a stool. McHale’s nickname for Seacrest is “little Ellen.”

McHale quickly went into detail about the long history of celebrities he has offended on his talk show, “The Soup.”

“Bret Michaels came on ‘The Soup’ — really great guy. I don’t think he can read, but who cares?”

Making constant references to Kim Kardashian’s sex tape on his show, the Kardashian family made the list of celebrities McHale has insulted.

He mocked Kim Kardashian as being lightheaded due to supporting her well-endowed body parts and referred to Bruce Jenner as a scarecrow. Lastly he called Khloe Kardashian a giant, while imitating throwing raw meat for her to fetch.

Tyra Banks’ fear of dolphins is a topic McHale could not resist as he ragged on her fear for having a “blowhole.”

“We miss ‘The Tyra Banks Show,’ ” he said. “We called her show ‘the wig-wearing narcissist talks about herself for an hour every day show.’ ”

Humiliating public figures crowding reality TV were not ignored. McHale touched on celebrities from “Jersey Shore” and “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.”

“The ‘Jersey Shore’ is the bigger disservice to Italian Americans than the mafia and Olive Garden combined,” he said.

He ended the show by mentioning his father, who is always “winning” in life by shopping at Costco, and his mother-in-law, who apparently has a voice similar to Barry Manilow’s.

Before walking off stage, McHale concluded with what seemed to be his favorite topic: his son. He portrayed his son as a hilarious miniature version of himself, causing havoc in his everyday life.