Letter to the editor: University needs to focus on existing run-down facilities

The University of Kentucky’s School of Music is among the most thriving programs at the university. The UK bands, UK choirs, UK Symphony Orchestra and the UK Opera Theatre constantly turn out world-class artists and receive the highest national recognition year after year.

However, in lieu of the latest flooding in the Fine Arts Building, these high-achieving programs are still being overlooked by the UK community at large.

While we constantly pour our money and efforts into new facilities, it seems we have forgotten about the many run-down buildings at the University of Kentucky.

This is not a shot against the university administration. This is a message for the entire UK community. The College of Fine Arts’ building has suffered two floods, falling tiles, asbestos, a faulty elevator and even no heat at times.

The classrooms are not big enough to accommodate the overwhelming number of young artists that have come from all over the country and other parts of the world to study to at the UK School of Music. The old wooden desks in the classrooms have etching and graffiti that dates back several decades.

This is not the only poor infrastructure on campus. Many other people are in dire need of your support.

UK community and family: We are doing our part as students by being a nationally recognized program. Fix the old buildings before you build the new ones. We should have a building that is not a constant hazard to our lives.