UK yet to lower summer tuition price

By Morgan Eads | @KyKernel

[email protected]

Some universities are lowering their summer tuition prices in an effort to increase registration for summer session courses, but UK has not yet joined in on the trend.

According to an article in USA Today, schools like the University of Iowa and the Dominican University of California are taking strides to improve graduation rates by making summer school a more viable option.

UK has not made a move to lower summer tuition prices as of yet, said Angela Martin, vice president for the Office of the Treasurer at UK.

Despite this, UK has seen a rise in summer enrollment, Institutional Research Director Roger Sugarman said.

In 2006, the joint enrollment of both summer school sessions was 6,729, and by 2012 that number was up to 7,483.  This is an 11.2 percent increase in seven years, Sugarman said.

Sugarman added that this increase could be due to the overall increase in students during that time.

Though no move has been made to lower summer tuition, the number of classes available during summer sessions has been on the rise.

UK’s College of Arts & Sciences have over 150 classes available for students looking into summer school including language courses, core classes and electives, according to the UK A&S website.

Other schools have significantly, and in some cases drastically, lowered the tuition for summer school.

The University of Iowa announced that summer tuition would be free for current freshman by 2014 because of a new scholarship, according to the university’s website.

This effort to make summer school more palatable for UI students is in hopes of increasing graduation rates and helping students graduate in four years, the website said.