Event will offer students a “Taste of Africa”

By Caitlyn Floyd | @KyKernel

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The African Student Association will hold the fifth annual Taste of Africa Friday evening in the Student Center Grand Ballroom at 6 p.m.

This event is held to show the community African culture through dance performances, fashion shows, skits, poetry, theater, food tastings and other performances.

The host for the show will be comedian Chinedu, who is Nigerian and currently lives in Los Angeles.

“Chinedu will be a good bridge between African and non-African guest, since he is currently living in America but from Nigeria,” said Christian Sterling, international studies junior and African Student Association event coordinator.

The fashion show will involve modern and contemporary fashions from different regions across Africa.

There will be musical and dance performances to also depict the culture of various regions across Africa, such as Ghana and Nigeria.

“We want to show the UK and Lexington community the beautiful side of African culture, because the media tends to show the negatives of Africa, such as poverty,” said Michael Adeyinka, senior psychology major and vice president of African Student Association.

The Taste of Africa event costs $5 to attend. With admission, guests will be able to experience all the Taste of Africa has to offer including African food and performances.

Half of the proceeds from the event go to Charity: Water, Adeyinka said. Charity: Water is a program that provides safe and clean drinking water to certain African regions and other areas in need across the globe.

“We want to show the community that even though most people only see the poverty of Africa it is still a beautiful place,” Sterling said.

The African Student Association’s goal with this event is to celebrate the positives of Africa while exposing the non-African community to their artistic culture, Sterling said.