Group seeks to change the state’s slogan

By Anyssa Roberts

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It is no secret that Kentucky is famous for its bourbon and horses, but in a lecture on Tuesday, an organization proposed a new slogan they would like to see for the state.

Kentucky for Kentucky, brought to campus by the UK Student Activities Board, came to prove to students that “Kentucky kicks ass.”

Whit Hiler and Griffin VanMeter are the pair responsible for marketing and branding the slogan “Kentucky Kicks Ass,” which they hope will take the place of the state’s current slogan, “Unbridled Spirit.”

The two are “a couple dudes who live in Lexington,” who really love Kentucky, VanMeter said.

By day, the duo work at advertising agencies, but by night, they campaign to change the way people think about the state.

“We want to kick ass for the Commonwealth,” Hiler said at the lecture.

On Tuesday, they presented some of the unknown facts about the state.

For example, the two said Kentucky was the first state to use “ya’ll,” the state is home to Billy Rae Cyrus’ mullet, and Kentucky consumes more Miracle Whip than the other 49 states combined.

For years, the duo has worked on two campaigns that put Kentucky in the public eye.

In the late summer of 2011, they had the idea to air a commercial during the Super Bowl to promote the state.

The team fell short of their financial goal, but where they lacked in funds they gained in “super fans.”

“To have a powerful brand you need something people are going get behind,” Hiler said.

The buzz surrounding the movement grabbed the attention of the nation and gave the group the support to propel them into their next plan: Changing the slogan of Kentucky.

“It was probably the first time people started to question, what does ‘Unbridled Spirit’ mean,” VanMeter said.

The two said they were pleased with the way the lecture went and are glad to have had the opportunity.

“Their brand has spread tremendously and speaks to a new generation,” said political science senior Andrew Jones, who was at the event.

Rasdall Gallery in the Student Center will display products such as T-shirts, maps and more from the organization until Sept. 30.