An inconvenient spot




Imagine this scenario: you’re a commuter student and you’ve woken up late for class. You rush through your morning routine and hit the road. Finally you make it to campus only to find there is no available parking. Looks like it’s K Lot for you.

For many UK students these daily parking battles are an ongoing occurrence that show no signs of letting up. There is a constant fear for car owners that they will come back to find a citation on their windshields or they will have to make the dreaded walk to and from K Lot. These fears are not only reserved for students.

The Director of Parking and Transportation Services Director, Lance Broeking, said he has received tickets before and after he became director. Most citations come from students rushing to class and not taking the time to observe parking restrictions, or that’s what it says on the UK Parking and Transportation Services website.

Parking rules are given out when students order parking permits so mere ignorance is not a legitimate excuse. However, careless drivers are not ruining it for all the other rule-abiding car owners. A few years back, PTS began cutting down on the amount of cars they towed and instead opted for booting. This situation is better for students as they do not have their cars removed from campus, unless the situation involves parking in emergency lanes or abandoned cars.

PTS is not stopping there.

With the removal of the North Campus R Lot, Broeking and his staff are working to set up a 10-year plan that will look into the possibility of expansion, where to get financing for the venture, and how much expansion is needed. So, as you make your way from K Lot, keep in mind that we are all suffering together as a school and those that choose to break the rules will suffer the consequences. If that does not help, think about it this way: UK has enough parking, it’s just not convenient.

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