Anderson Cooper to answer student questions

By Morgan Eads | News Editor

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The upcoming talk by broadcast journalist Anderson Cooper on Sept. 30 is the first in a series hosted by UK Student Activities Board (SAB) called SpeakBlue.

The talk will be a “facilitated dialogue” rather than a speech, said Teran Sundy, director of multicultural affairs for SAB.

A panel will ask Cooper questions and other questions can be submitted the night of the event, Sundy said.

The board hopes the audience will get to know more about Cooper as an inspirational example, Sundy said.

“We would hope that they get the opportunity to learn more about not only the career path Anderson Cooper has chosen,” Sundy said. “But also have a get-to-know-you opportunity with Anderson Cooper.”

The board hopes to have more distinguished speakers in the series after Cooper, Sundy said.

SAB events are planned a semester in advance, so Cooper was selected in the spring, Sundy said.

The board looked into a number of possible speakers, but eventually chose Cooper for his relevance to current events.

“He’s here, in the now,” Sundy said. “People know his name.”

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