A book to remember



By Eleanor Hasken

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In 1989, the men of Haggin Hall stripped down for charity. For a dollar they would flirtatiously remove an article of clothing and provocatively dance with the female audience. In 2008, the Student Activities Board offered speed dating for students interested in making new friends and new love connections.

Campus history like this would have been lost forever if it wasn’t preserved in the UK student yearbook, The Kentuckian.

The Kentuckian is an outlet for students to see how much campus life has changed over the past 120 years of its publication. Sorority rush week is now only one week instead of two, as it was in 1964. In 1991, the campus-wide recycling program was cut due to budget loss. However, students persisted in taking recycling out on their own.

All of these changes and events can be referenced in respective issue of The Kentuckians.

As the editor of the yearbook, I’m striving to keep this tradition alive. The Kentuckian will always be a source for people curious about the past of UK.

It is a compilation of the important and interesting events that occurred on campus during any given year, from as long ago as 1894. Not only are the events of the past important, but the events of this year are as well. With all the promises made by the president and the provost, this year at UK should be an exciting one.

This year’s Kentuckian will contain in-depth profiles, beautiful photography and great features. It will feature pieces about our athletic teams’ successes and losses. It will detail the new dining changes and the new dorms on campus. There will be obituaries dedicated to all of the places that students loved to hang out that are no longer with us.

The Kentuckian will tackle everything from why people stay in college longer to what it’s like to work a second- or third-shift job and still be a student. All of this and more will be highlighted in the 2013-14 yearbook.

Since the beginning of publication, The Kentuckian has been offered in print. Although most books are also being sold digitally, we believe there is an element that is lost when something is sold solely in a digital format.

Although your time at UK will average around six years, your print edition of the The Kentuckian will last forever.

The Kentuckian is available for $20 in room 26 of the Grehan

Journalism Building and online at www.ukyearbook.com