Vegetarians don’t have good dining choices on campus



The short breaks between classes can sometimes be a drag. If you’re anything like me, then a long line for the same overpriced meal is no time to jump for joy.

As a vegetarian, the midday meal on campus is no easy task. Some might say that I complicate things because of my choice to avoid meat, but I don’t think it is a difficult demand.

Also, it is an eating habit that is becoming increasingly common. There are a variety of reasons why people nix meat from the menu: religious, health and ethical.

Personally, I think vegetarians prove that meat is unnecessary. Because of this, any justification for eating animals, such as taste or convenience, is not compelling enough to me.

A vegetarian makes a social and financial impact that they hope will reduce animal suffering.

However, vegetarians at UK might as well look for housing near Kroger, because a decent meal on campus is hard to come by.

This week I put on my coat and threw out my knife in search of the best veggie meal in walking distance.

First, I would suggest that you go toward mid-campus if you’re in the mood for bread. Rising Roll and Einstein Bagels provide good options for carbohydrates, but not much else.

Over by the library, I was a little disappointed with the options that Ovid’s provides. A grilled cheese and chips is hardly a “health” reason to be a vegetarian.

On the other hand, a make-your-own wrap station grants decent variety.

My favorite midday meal on campus is at the Intermezzo in Patterson Office Tower. The avocado black bean burger is truly delicious.

Day after day, though, the long line and high price push me to look for other options.

The buffet places like Blazer and Commons are better at providing a variety of options. But to be honest, for someone who is not on a meal plan, I can save much more by eating at home.

In the end, I was at least happy to find vegetarian options all across campus. Until they improve in variety and quality, though, vegetarians at UK are better off at the grocery.

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