Arcadium brings nostalgia, good beer

Arcadium isn’t like other craft beer bars. It sports twenty rotating taps, which often include beers from Lexington breweries, for those who enjoy something a bit more refined than the typical bar beer fair.

There are frequently shot and a beer specials for an entirely reasonable price. It has a small assortment of wines and liquors for patrons whose taste buds prevent them from enjoying the craft beer that brings most of the customers to this establishment.

The large, high ceilinged walls are made of dark red brick that reminds one that this building has stood the test of time. The music is not cranked up to the point of making conversation difficult and the genre varies from night to night.

One night it may be punk, the next classic rock, the next electronica. The light isn’t dimmed to the point of straining one’s eyes in an attempt to read the large chalk tap list on the wall.

If you prefer to partake in your choice of beverage in the open air, or need to step outside for a smoke, there is a closed off patio in the back. Numerous picnic tables can be found in this outdoor space for those who need a break from standing in front of an arcade machine for too long.

This brings us to what puts Arcadium in a league of its own. At the base of the walls is an assortment of classic arcade machines from various eras that stand in all their nostalgic glory.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Ms. Pacman, Galaga, Donkey Kong, Mario Brothers, Street Fighter 2, Joust and Burger Time stand at the ready for your entertainment. On more crowded nights, there may be a line for your favorite machine. But don’t worry, the old arcade etiquette of placing your quarter in line atop the machine still applies.

And while many arcades have raised their machines’ prices to fifty cents, or even a dollar, Arcadium stands true to the classic arcade price of one quarter for one game. A change machine is affixed to the wall for the more forgetful who have left their quarters at home.

Arcadium is a pleasant mix of old and new. The newest craft beers from all across the nation are available from behind the bar. The classic arcade games from the past half-century are available by the walls.

If you’re looking for a new place to enjoy a beverage, but are craving nostalgia at the same time, Arcadium is everything you could possibly hope for.