New sorority recruits older students, offers leadership roles for freshmen

Ashley Strawser shows off Alpha Chi’s housing map, and where the sorority will build its new house. Photo provided by Taylor Thesing

By Will Wright

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The newly founded Alpha Chi Omega chapter  is recruiting students of all ages, even juniors and seniors who may not be allowed to join other sororities.

Political science junior Willow Kreutzer said she tried to join other sororities, but was told she was too old. But Alpha Chi Omega, which has been recruiting women outside Whitehall Classroom Building, could use older students who know their way around campus.

“We all get to create a new group of women on campus, and we get to start fresh, make our mark,” Kreutzer said. “There’s no previous sort of mold that we have to shape into.”

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Alpha Chi Omega was founded at UK in 1966, but disbanded in the late 70s. The hippie movement and other social groups took people away from the Greek community.

“Back then people thought of sororities as, ‘Everyone is the same, conformity,’” said Molly Schuneman, a recruiter for Alpha Chi Omega. “Their focuses were elsewhere and not on Greek life.”

But Alpha Chi Omega is back, and will make their home on a plot of land between Columbia Avenue and Rose Lane. People will begin building the house within the year.

Alpha Chi Omega, which is hoping to add about 275 members, is recruiting separately from other sororities, which had Bid Day on Aug. 21.

Schuneman hopes students will be attracted to the excitement of starting a new sorority. The women will be able to shape the structure more so than in established sorority chapters. The women will get to pick their leaders, and anyone can apply to be the leader of a specific committee.

In other sororities, freshmen are less likely to get leadership roles, Schuneman said.

Alpha Chi Omega will focus its philanthropy on domestic violence awareness and helping domestic violence victims.

Sorority members will donate to and visit a shelter in Lexington. Alpha Chi Omega will pick a shelter where women can volunteer in person, not just donate.

“You want to give your time, not just your money,” Schuneman said.

Kreutzer said the emphasis on domestic violence was part of the reason she wanted to join, but she also liked Alpha Chi Omega because the recruiters took personal interest in her.

“We talked for I think like an hour and a half,” Kreutzer said. “I wanted to be a part of that growing process and help, you know, be a part of a really great sorority on campus. I always wanted to be a part of a sorority.”

The chapter is hosting an open event on Wednesday: “Life is Sweeter with Alpha Chi” from 6 to 7:30 and 8 to 9:30 at the Hilary J. Boone Center.