UK fraternities give out 850 bids during rush week



By Sarah Brookbank

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During the first week of school, most students are busy getting to class and buying textbooks. But the for the students who took part in fraternity rush, they were also busy finding their way across campus to open houses and mingling with fraternity members over food and corn hole.

Much like sorority recruitment, fraternity recruitment is a week-long event where potential new members visit the 21 fraternities under the Interfraternity Council on campus and try to make an impression on the over 1,700 members already in the IFC.

Saturday was Did Day, when each fraternity reaches out to potential new members and offers them a spot in their fraternity.

“Fraternity life is going to grow a lot this year,” said Blake Whitley, vice president of recruitment for IFC. “This is the largest number of men who have registered for recruitment in the history of IFC at UK, so it’s a great time to be Greek.”

According to Whitley, 999 men registered for recruitment and 850 bids were placed.

“We’re excited to see how they positively impact our campus in the coming years,” Whitley said.

Gabe Cybriwsky, a finance freshman, said his experience during rush was great. He also said meeting fraternity members was a memorable experience.

“You feel really close,” Cybriwsky said. “Even though you’ve only know them for 10 minutes.”

Cybriwsky said that he had felt a strong connection to his new fraternity when he met members during rush.

“I’m excited for being a part of an organization with such prestige,” Cybriwsky said.

Marketing freshman Avery Rondinelli was introduced to his new fraternity through his brother, who is a senior. Rondinelli said  the fraternity seemed like a good fit before he met any one, but once he met everyone he loved it.

“I was really excited to wake up this morning to get a phone call,” Rondinelli said.

Rondinelli said that he was humbled by the idea he had just met a group of people who he would be friends with for the rest of his life.

“I’m looking forward to the endless opportunities that I’ll have, this year and in the future.”