Music legends mix banjo and piano tunes in Richmond

Legends descended in Central Kentucky for a wonderful evening of beautiful music. Jazz piano master Chick Corea in tow with the Banjo maestro Bela Fleck joined sonic forces at the EKU Center for the Arts in Richmond, KY. Magic is what Corea and Fleck bring to the stage, playing off of each other is simply pure joy to witness. They are so talented on their instruments, it is like they are constantly taking each other down a road they have already been down, yet it’s new and fresh. Banjo and piano are not instruments that spend a lot of time together. Mixing tunes from the repertoire of Fleck and Corea made for a evening that kept the night full of fun and energy. Even the rare mishap melted into the perfect runs of notes. “Mountain,” “Menagerie,” and “Juno” from Fleck along with Corea’s “Got a Match”

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