Cup of Commonwealth full of community, compassion

In Lexington it is hard for a business to stand out. From multiple pizza joints, Chinese restaurants galore and coffee shops filling corners, a consumer is at a standstill when trying to find “their” place.

However, with the help of a friend, I found my place. Behind Thoroughbred Park in downtown Lexington is Cup of Commonwealth. The coffee is great, the staff is wonderful and the atmosphere cozy. But what exactly makes them stand out? Their pay-it-forward system.

Simply put, a drink can be bought for anyone, at any time, and they can redeem it whenever. Once a customer buys the pay-it-forward drink they are handed a coffee sleeve and marker. The best part is figuring out who to give it to, or how to word the phrase. From “any drink for a pilot,” to “large coffee for a breast cancer survivor.”

The gesture is small, but also a great tradition to get hooked on. From buying a drink for someone who can’t afford it to buying a drink for a poor college kid suffering through finals, Cup of Commonwealth creates a sense of community in this city of name-brand restaurants and fast food chains.

This relatively new business opened in 2013 and has great products like Brewshine coffee, smoothies, cold brew and much more. While the decor is ever changing with art from local artists, the pay-it-forward system stays the same and customers can expect the board to be filled, as it always is, with generosity.

Not only is it important to buy local and help Lexington grow, it is also important to give back to others every once in a while, and Cup of Commonwealth is a great place to kill two birds with one coffee cup.

The wall of Thoroughbred Park is the best for drinking coffee (or tea) with a friend and getting lost in the world of Lexington. What else do stressed out consumers need in “their” place?

So when you start to feel cold and are in need of a pick-me-up this winter, check out the coffee shop behind the teal door; it’s the one filled with smiles and compassion — Cup of Commonwealth.