Letter to the Editor: Take a stand on cigarette litter

I want to start this letter with the thought that I am not wanting to deny anyone their right to smoke cigarettes. Smoking is not the issue here.

I am writing to get all your readers and editorial writers to acknowledge and call for action, against the worst litter problem I have seen.

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I have been in most parts of the state and found cigarette butts lying everywhere. In a children’s splash park, I found them where kids run and play.

Outside a building that included a state government office, 50 or more cluttered the ground near a covered smoking area.

While pushing my grandson’s stroller, I found 200 butts in one short block waiting to be washed into the drain.

On my walks, on my major Lexington street and neighborhood, I find new ones daily. I think I have picked thousands up over the years.

There needs to be at least a 10 cent deposit by the manufacturers on each cigarette so the smoker, or others of us, will have good cause to return them for refunds. May you join this need to address a simple problem?


Don Pratt, Lexington, KY

Email [email protected]