Plans underway for new creative arts Living Learning Program

Rebecca Watters

North campus will continue to grow next fall with the addition of the Limestone Park residence halls.

With this new space, the university will also expand its Learning Living Programs, which puts groups of students with similar interests in the same dorms.

Limestone Park I will house the Creative Arts LLP, and plans are underway to provide students in the group with resources, practice spaces and more.

“This is a joint project between the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Fine Arts. They will have first access to the facilities which are a state-of-art dance studio, a beautiful art studio and a music practice studio,” said Nancy Jones, a performing arts producer who is helping with the project.

Students must apply as part of the UK housing application in the summer to be a part of the LLP. About 120 students will be accepted.

The LLP will include classes for English, theatre, music and visual arts, and a community atmosphere. Plans are underway to offer creative art based outings for students.

“So whether it is going to the Opera House to see a musical or going to the theatre to see a film, we are going to try and create many opportunities for one-on-one and community connections,” Jones said.

Jones is a member of the planning committee. When the program debuts in the fall, assistant professor of English Hannah Pittard and an individual who has not yet been hired will be co-directors of the program.

“My goal is to create a safe, fun, creative atmosphere for students. Limestone Park 1 is a residence hall, yes, but the Creative Arts LLP is a community where students should feel comfortable and excited to hang out and mingle with new friends,” Pittard said.

The other co-director will be a professor of dance and will work with students in the LLP.

“The people that we are bringing on campus for this position are dynamic, at the cutting edge of their field and would be wonderful mentors to students in the LLP,” Jones said.

Though the project is still in its planning phase, Pittard said she feels confident the LLP will be a positive experience for students.

“I think the Creative Arts LLP is such a cool opportunity to bring together a hundred or so students … who genuinely love the arts, whether it’s photography, dance, creative writing or something else,” Pittard said. “We’d love to see all sorts of creative collaborations happening in the new spaces provided by Limestone Park I.”