Letter to the editor: Physics majors deserve their own class rings

Christopher Smith

Dear President Eli Capilouto,

I am writing to express my distaste for the situation concerning class rings. I am a senior graduating with a bachelor of science in physics. I want to purchase a class ring, but Josten’s doesn’t offer a class ring for us lowly physicists.

While I could simply choose a scientific or mathematical symbol to represent my time here, I find it unfair that my degree isn’t an option to be personally engraved.

I have spent many years and many dollars trying to earn this degree and move into the workforce to represent my alma mater with pride and distinction. But apparently my personalized memento will have to be a wish unfulfilled.

Why not buy from somewhere else? Well, I can’t.

UK doesn’t let other companies use its name on jewelry like class rings, probably because of some licensing agreement. I had dreamed about it, debated and weighed options, but when it came down to it, the choice was already made for me. UK doesn’t sell class rings for a bachelor of science in physics.


Christopher Smith

P.S. if you wish to reply, my email is [email protected]

Christopher Smith is a physics senior.

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